Kunekune Pigs - New Bloodlines to Canada!

Ivanleigh Farms is pleased to announce that we have recently completed a second import of Kunekune pigs to Canada including 12 new bloodlines, 5 of which were recently released in the US.  We are pleased to be breeding from one of the largest closed Kunekune herds in the world! 

Pasture Grazed & Naturally Raised - Canadian Kunekune Pigs!

We specialize in breeding Canadian Kunekune Pigs for pasture based pork production.  Breeding stock and meat pigs available. 

Kunekune Pigs - New Bloodlines to Canada!

Kunekune pigs are a new breed to Canada with the first import taking place in 2012.  Ivanleigh Farms is proud to announce the arrival and new bloodlines and top quality breeding stock in February of 2015.  Have a look at our Kunekune page to learn more about this exciting breed!


Ivanleigh Farms offers lamb for sale, processed to your specification.  Please see the lamb page for more information.

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Posted 7/8/2015 11:15am by Tammy Keller.

As the weather is getting warmer, our White Dorper Sheep have started their shedding process.  It really is amazing to watch them "drop" their coats day by day.  Dorpers have a combination hair/wool coat which allows this natural shedding process to occur.  This reduces labour and cost to maintain your flock as the need for shearing is eliminated.  Occasionally Dorpers will retain a ridge of the old coat along their backs throughout the summer which acts as protection from the sun.



Posted 6/16/2015 1:07pm by Tammy Keller.

We have a number of litters to farrow this summer.  Lines include Mahia Love, Ru, Te Whangi, Jenny, Trish and Tapeka.  Some of these lines are brand new to Canada!  Our pigs are bred for their grazing capabilities - short, upturned snouts ideal for grazing on pasture and not rooting or damaging soil.  Our pigs gain well on grass alone which makes them ideal for producing a purely pasture grazed meat product!  Singles, pairs and trios a possibility from these litters. Contact us for more information on availability and pricing!

Posted 5/21/2015 10:10am by Tammy Keller.

After much anticipation and planning our White Dorper Sheep have arrived from Double Bar D Farms in Saskatchewan.  Special thank you to Julie for all of her time and efforts spent!  We are extremely excited regarding the grass fed capabilities of this breed.  Our future plan is to provide pure bred breeding stock, commercial stock and, of course, grass fed lamb!



Posted 5/11/2015 2:07pm by Tammy Keller.

Finally, after many days of anticipation, Esmeralda farrowed her litter yesterday - Mother's Day.  We are extremely impressed with this beautiful litter of Mahia Love/Rona X Jenny/Mahia Love piglets.  They are superb in confirmation and type.  They will make a great asset to any breeding program!


Posted 4/29/2015 5:26pm by Tammy Keller.

This is Hennessy, he is our Ru boar from Black Valley Farm included in our import from The USA Herd.  Ru is a new bloodline to Canada.


Posted 4/17/2015 1:26pm by Tammy Keller.

This is Willamina.  She is our Mahia Love/Tapeka gilt farrowed by Bain Family Farms out of quality USA Herd breeding stock. Tapeka is a new blood line to Canada! 


Posted 4/14/2015 9:04am by Tammy Keller.

Remy is our Mahia Love/Jenny boar imported from the USA Herd - American Kune Kune Pigs.  He has classic American Kune Kune Pig confirmation and type.  We expect some impressive litters to be produced by him in the upcoming year.  Keep an eye on this guy for your future kune kune pig breeding stock!


Posted 3/18/2015 7:09am by Tammy Keller.

This is Esmerelda.  She is our Jenny/Mahia Love gilt imported from the The USA Herd in California.  Her dame is USA Beautiful and her sire is USA Bakewell.  Esmeredla was bred to USA Everett (Mahia Love/Rona) prior to our import.  We are expecting a stunning group of pigs from this litter.  Please contact us for more information regarding breeding stock!  These pigs will make a great addition to any herd and are expected to have great confirmation and type.  If you are thinking of starting a herd they will be excellent foundation stock to get your breeding program off to a great start!




Posted 3/10/2015 6:57am by Tammy Keller.

Finally after 2500 miles, 50 days in quarantine and many trials along the way, our Kune Kunes arrived home yesterday.  We are extremely happy with the quality of breeding stock received from Lori Enright at The USA Herd in California.  Please check back in to see how the pigs are doing and meet them all individually!  Everyone is exhausted today but as we recoup we will slowly start posting pictures and information about each of the pigs and our upcoming litters!


Thank you to Eby Boys Transport for bringing the pigs home safely!



Duke, our LGD, meets his new friends that will live under his protection.



Snuggled up in the warm barn in the sunshine...everyone is exhausted from the trip!